Watch winders

In co-operation with leading watch winder manufacturer EILUX, Bissmarck offers the following high quality, contemporary design watch winders. All ElLUX watch winders have several unique features that protect and maintain the value of your watches.

1 watch - aluminium finish >>

2 watches - glass finish >>

1 watch - leather finish >>

4 watches - glass finish >>

Super-quiet operation

Bedroom safe sound level.

Smart pilot light indication

Indicates operational status by use of a super narrow design pilot beam-light to avoid disturbances in bedrooms.

Silver-ion anti-bacterial technology

The world's first anti-bacterial silver-ion coated watch mounting system,  preventing build-up of harmful moisture and mould in watch's inner workings and straps, thereby reducing odour and preserving color and shine on delicate surfaces.

User-friendly design

Equipped with smart integrated circuit for winding control system allows setting of the best winding mode for each individual watch (bi-directional). Natural and smooth winding motions are programmed to imitate human movement pattern, thus eliminating the risk of excessive wear of the watch mechanism.

Super-metal conductor

The Super-metal conductor motor inside represents the most advanced technology in motor manufacturing, providing the best winding performance available, ensuring long life span and quiet operation.


The "insert-type" watch mounting system ensures the mounted watch does not detach from the watch winder during operation.

Universal spring-loaded watch holder

The spring loaded watch mount allows fast and adjustment free mounting of all size watches.

Double-Injection Technology

The soft-surface, rubber skin, spring-loaded watch holder is manufactured using "Double-Injection Technology", ensuring the best protection for sensitive watches.

Professional grade construction

Solid and high precision construction provides high performances, shock-resistance, stabile winding motions-and long life span. The laser calibrated rotor alignments provide the best possible winding angles.

Extremely Long battery service life

Special design power conserving circuits extend battery life by three times compared to conventional designs. Two "C" size alkaline batteries will operate a single watch winder for approximately 12 months.

Note: As an extended service to our customers, Bissmarck always include a GS/EC/TUV (European Union) approved AC/DC converter in the delivery of each watch winder link. Batteries are not included (optional but not required when using AC/DC converter).

Compact size

Allows placement on/in shallow furniture and/or storage inside a regular size safe deposit box.

Metal-to-metal contact-free design

Maximizes protection and eliminates scratching of watches.

Contemporary and stylish design

All watch winders are designed to offer excellent performance while remaining a decorative and contemporary design display in any environment.

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