1 watch - leather finish


Model will be available in unlimited edition.


Watch winder, 1 watch.


Bi-directional winding at 950 turns per day in 2 hour cycle mode to mimic human movement pattern and minimise wear.


AC/DC adaptor (included) * or 2 pieces "C" size batteries (not included).


Leather finish.


Length: 21 cm (top view) approx.
Width: 11 cm (top view) approx.
Height: 17 cm (side view) approx.
Diameter: 11 cm (tube shape) approx.
Net weight: 0.6 Kg approx.


Watch winder, AC/DC adaptor * and instruction manual in English.


* GS/EC/TUV (European Union) approved link.


EILUX original F.A.Q. link.


- Instruction manuals
GET: 903-1001-ENG, EILUX manual all watch winders, English (PDF 2.22 MB)
GET: 903-1002-ENG, EILUX Silver-Ion watch mount, English (PDF, 0.05 MB)
GET: 903-1003-ENG, EILUX adaptor spec ver 2012, English (PDF, 0,.43 MB)

- Promotional
GET: 903-1004-ENG, EILUX, why use a watch winder, English (PDF, 0.02 MB)
GET: 903-1005-ENG, EILUX Q&A, English (PDF, 0.83 MB)

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