Special Thanks

Bissmarck would like to extend special thanks to the following persons for their contribution during our establishment.

Design and market input

Adam Bissmarck, Björn Berggren, Björn Olsson, Cathrine Bissmarck, Charlotta Klintmark, Claes Adelind, Fredrik Andersson, Fredrik Bissmarck, Fredrik Wahlberg, Gilbert Bissmarck, Gunnar Samuelsson, Jakob Wallin, Johan Halling, Lars Tornérhielm, Lennart Aronsson, Magnus Nehard, Magnus Rimsby, Magnus Roslund, Martin Bissmarck, Mattias Andersson, Michael Ingelög, Mikko Virtala, Per-Morten Linnes, Rickard Gåhlin, Robin Kärrheden and Volker Vogt.

Technical support and sourcing

Alfred T, Andreas S, Bob F, Clemens F, Eric K, Frankie S, Frankie T, Graham G, Lucy W, Penny L, Samuel C
and Yann L.

Inspiration and the door to horology

Bob F and Walt O.

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