Prices listed in our webshop

All price calculations in our webshop are based on prices in the currency "Swedish Krona" (SEK) and prices are automatically recalculated to other currencies on a daily basis. Input for exchange rates are automatically dowloaded from The European Central Bank.

Prices listed do not include any kind of local/import taxes, VAT or other charges during transit or reception of products/services outside EC.

Prices listed do not include shipment charges.

All prices listed are subject to change without prior notice. Bissmarck will not be held responsible for any prices other than agreed in written contract at the time of purchase.

Pricing strategy

Bissmarck applies a global pricing and customer strategy, meaning we offer the same prices and services to all our customers, regardless of Nationality, financial status or other factor.

It is our intention to sell our watches at a low initial price and gradually increase the price of each model as the volume sold increases. This sales strategy, pushing our return on investment to a later point in time, was formulated to achieve the following:

- We want to promote early adopters, offering our loyal customers a raise in nominal value of each watch purchased as total sales volumes increase.
- We want to gain increased early sales volumes to quickly spread news of recently launched models.

Customers/deliveries in Sweden:

Prices: Prices of products and services (and shipment charges) as listed for all customers.
Note: -

Customers/deliveries within EC (excluding Sweden):

Prices: Prices of products and services (and shipment charges) as listed for regular consumers (non VAT-registered organisations). VAT-registered organisations may deduct 20% (VAT) for purchase of products but must pay full price including VAT for services (and shipment charges).
Note:  To be eligible for deduction of VAT, VAT registered organisations must provide proof of local VAT registration, both in form of current tax registration certificate and link to National tax registry online to enable verification of VAT deduction.

Customers/deliveries outside EC:

Prices: Prices of products as listed with 20% (VAT) deduction. Prices of services (and shipment charges) as listed.
Note: The 20% (VAT) deduction on products is only available for deliveries to an address outside EC. Additional charges for transit, VAT and import tax etc. may be charged to the customer between delivery from Sweden and receiving the goods at the destination specified by the customer. Bissmarck will NOT pay or be held responsible for any such charges

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