We want to actively contribute to a better world for all.

We support ideas of freedom, health, schooling and equal treatment for all people. We also support ideas to promote sustainable life on earth and all plants and wildlife that inhabit it.

Believing efficient results are best achieved by individuals deciding to actively promote open minded and independent organizations working with democratic and non-violent methods, we currently direct all our help to the assistance of children of ANY background via UNICEF. Children have to suffer the consequences of the ignorant or even evil behaviour of adults, with no responsibility or even understanding of the reasons why. Since spring 2017 Bissmarck therefore direct all our charity efforts  to UNICEF.

To the aid of children anywhere

We send UNICEF 2.5% of our profit.

Watch 1 000

Every watch sold holding a serial number of an even 1 000
will be auctioned out at a public event where


of revenue will be awarded to charity

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